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Patchnotes v3.61


  • You can now !graft on and !chemo off mutations at the Clinic of Slimoplasty in Crookline.
  • Mutations now take different numbers of levels to acquire, depending on their power.
  • 20 new mutations have been added to the game.
  • Roughly half of old mutations have new effects
  • Learn about mutation effects by reading surgical zines sold in the Clinic
  • Check the level of your current mutations using !mutations level
  • Traditional mutation rerolling has been disabled.


  • Apartment space has doubled
  • Attack damage with tools is now capped at level 35. The cost remains the same as normal, however.
  • Updated !balancecosmetic, should work now
  • Slimecorp executives can banish and pardon people.
  • !whatcanimake now shows results for all recipes
  • Pitchforks now affect metallic crops