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Quarterly Report 3 - SlimeCorp Security Forces

...Code 507 in Green Light District. Lethal sentencing advised...

The SlimeCorp Security Forces have descended upon NLACAKANM!

  • Enlisting in the security forces can be done at SlimeCorp HQ.
  • This action will banish you from the Rowdys and the Killers, however...
  • Once enlisted, you can !sanitize graffiti. This removes capture influence from districts.
  • Sanitizing graffiti will award you with salary credits, which are paid out in SlimeCoin every 2 IRL days.
  • Swearing while enlisted as a security officer will remove salary credits.
  • Be advised, as negative salary credits will deduct SlimeCoin, but not below 0.
  • You can check your salary credits with !sc and !paycheck. At SlimeCorp HQ, you can convert credits to slime at a rate of 10000:1
  • This conversion is done with !payday, a command that can only be done between 6 and 8 AM, in-game time.
  • Security officers have access to The Breakroom, which can be entered and exited with !clockin and !clockout.
  • !clockin must be used at SlimeCorp HQ. Once inside, you'll have access to a !menu of free food, weapons, and a community !chest.
  • Executives and on-duty security officers may post !propaganda.

  • Entirely unrelated to all of this, Rollerblades have (finally) been added to the game!
  • You can craft them with 2 old boots, 1 piece of leather, 8 poudrins, and 2 pieces of string.
  • They provide a significant boost to speed, but at the cost of attack and defense.

  • Removed Sherman.