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Mega Patchnotes Catchup II

More updates that have happened after the launch of Gankers Vs. Shamblers

  • Shamblers will now spawn according to the number of shamblers left in stock. Specifically, they will spawn more often the lower the stock gets.
  • Decreased the chance for the bot to spawn gaiaslimeoids
  • Fixed some bugs related to ending operations
  • Lowered max possible captcha length on Shambaquarium to 8
  • Gaiaslime will now also generate passively during ops at a rate of 5 every 5 seconds
  • Milling, Sowing, Joining ops, and selling gaiaslimeoids now filter out item types for more accurate searching
  • The mining helmet now stacks with the Lucky mutation
  • !dance now formats responses, you can no longer use it to ping people like a fucking dickhead
  • Sixteen cheese pizza now available at Pizza Hut (Shoutouts to Sixten)
  • You can now !slime and !data check ENDLESS WAR
  • Quantum Legs windup lowered from 30 seconds to 15 seconds
  • Kingpins can no longer start slimenalia by praying
  • ENDLESS WAR now disapproves of idolatry
  • Removed @everyone
  • Cosmetics no longer break or track durability
  • Attack gained from cosmetics has been reduced from 10% per point, to 1% per point
  • Defence gained from cosmetics has been reduced from 1 effective hardened sap per point, to 1 hard sap per 4 points
  • Speed gained from cosmetics has been reduced from an exponential speed of light nightmare to 1% per point
  • Dump all of your fish onto Captain Albert Alexander
  • Get a bunch of trading done with out doing !barter for each fish
  • There is no way to reject the offer. This is just for clearing your inventory of fish fast
  • Shoutouts to Lyretail Salesman
  • Cosmetic attack points will now offer a 2% increase in damage for every point (up from 1%)
  • Cosmetic defense points will now offer an additional 1 hardened sap point for every 2 defense points (down from every 4 points)
  • Cosmetic speed points will now offer a 2% increase in speed for every point (up from 1%)
  • Entering multiple captchas for a single command will now give out an error
  • !salute now functions properly again
  • Fixed some issues with the vandal park subway station
9/06/20 - Ghost Fishing

Ghosts may now !possessfishingrod while inhabiting living players. This is independent of whether or not they're wielding a super fishing rod, and can be done with both gangsters and juvies. This requires spending 10,000 antislime on part of the ghost, and if accepted by the fleshling, will affect fishing mechanics in the following ways...

  • The likelihood of getting a !reel prompt in any given tick is doubled. This stacks with using bait and fishing at the ferry, as well as with seaweed joints!
  • When responding to a reel prompt, both the living player AND THE GHOST have to !reel within the time window, or the fish is lost.
  • If the two of you successfully !reel in the fish, the raw slime you'd normally snag along with the fish is instead taken by the ghost as antislime, though they only get 25% of it.
  • If you fail to successfully !reel in a fish after casting, whether it's by not reeling in time, doing it too soon, or walking away, the contract is dissolved, and the ghost returns to regular inhabitation.
  • Additionally, having a ghost possessing your rod will allow you to fish in the Black Pond. Wait, what?

After being bombarded by complaints from insane juvies and suicidal gangsters, old man Leopold, who runs the Waffle House, has unlocked the Void's passage into the Sewers. He's already let several of you know that you really don't want to go in there, but let's be real here, you knew exactly what you were asking for. The opening of this passage has generated quite a bit of traffic around it, inadvertently leading to the rediscovery of the Black Pond...

  • Living players can now !goto the Sewers from the Void or any of its subzones. This will kill you on arrival. You asked for this.
  • Conversely, the !manifest command has been removed. Ghosts can now simply !walk out of the Sewers, like any other area, as long as they meet the new requirement: being dead for at least one day.
  • In response to the change above, the antislime requirements for commands like !crystalizenegapoudrin and !possessweapon have been reduced by 100k, and now match their antislime cost.
  • A new subzone of the Void, the Black Pond, has been added. This is a pier with its own selection of 13 new unique fish, which are significantly more valuable than regular fish of the same size and rarity, and require your fishing rod to be possessed. Be aware that this is not a safe zone; quite the opposite, you'll be flagged for PvP as if it were a street.

In response to increased hostility from the living, the ghastly practice of haunting has been reworked. The base amount of antislime generated per haunt has been reduced from 1/400th to 1/1000th, or 1/2000th if done remotely. In addition, the slime lost by the target of the haunt is now 1/5th of what the ghost generates as antislime. This means that, effectively, the baseline amount of slime lost when haunted remotely is now 1/10,000th of your total slime count. Given the massive reduction in these values, the cap for antislime generated per haunt has been completely removed. To balance this, however, a number of conditions can be met by the ghost to increase the potency of their haunts. The length of time one's been dead for, the number of kills the target has, and the target's proximity to the Void, among several other conditions, will multiply the base proportion of both antislime generated and slime lost. The key consequences of these changes will be as follows...

  • Living players will lose much less slime when haunted by ghosts overall, except for extremely rare circumstances.
  • The effectiveness of going ghost just to drain slime from someone you can't kill will be radically reduced.
  • Ghosts will be encouraged to haunt face-to-face, allowing gangsters to bust them much more often.
  • More thought than simply spamming a command every 10 minutes will have to go into maximising antislime.
  • Dedicated staydeads will receive some reward for their devotion.

In addition to the flagship changes above, here's some other changes that have been bundled in as part of this update.

  • In response to a recent uptick in population and a very well articulated petition, EW has acknowledged the insectoid race as one of the city's major races!
  • Ghosts can no longer die while dead from things like praying to EW or leaving the server, instead this will just bust the ghost.
  • The buff from fishing in the ferry has been reduced, it's now 1/3rd as effective as using bait, rather than 2/3rds. Sorry, it was just too high.
  • The restriction on inhabiting the same person who last killed/busted you has been lifted. This was just an inconvenience, and didn't really have any upside.
  • The likelihood of getting the mining event to !jump into the Void has been halved. Better ask your ghost pals to let you know of any entrances, or start !looking around.
  • Some flavour text and !help responses have been updated for clarity, quality of writing, and to remove some insensitive wording.
  • All 4 romantic quadrants have been redesigned, including new names and emoticons.
  • A new context-sensitive command has been added for smelting. All of its aliases are as follows: !whatcanimake, !wcim, !whatmake, and !usedfor
  • They can as follows: '!whatmake dclaw', '!usedfor dinoslimemeat', etc.

Huge thanks to Wuzzlz, Callum, Morrigan, Sisera, Sweet Mouse, Venice, and others for their efforts in helping these updates get made.

9/07/20 - Less is more (probably)
  • Removed LAN channels and the window system. Almost no one used the LAN channels and the window system was mostly just confusing, negating any benefit it had.
  • Removed captchas from every weapon besides the katana and the minigun. Capping tools still require a captcha.
  • Removed soft cooldowns from weapons.
  • The timing for the brass knuckles' combo attack has been increased to be 1.5 to 2.5 seconds between each attack (previously it was exactly 2 seconds).
  • Lowered the broadsword's chance to backfire from 20% to 10%.
  • Doubled attack cost (damage is unchanged).
  • Disabled SAP. Combat actions (ie !aim, !dodge, !taunt) have also been temporarily disabled.
  • Disabled trauma and injuries.
  • Disabled the swear jar.
  • Fixed an issue where one could descend into the void and walk to another area at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where descending into the void created a snapshot of your user data, and refreshed it on arrival. You didn't know, did you?
  • Fixed ghosts' inability to return to the sewers. Gave it new flavour text too!
  • Fixed something you don't need to know about.
  • Removed the chance to get poudrins when fishing at the Black Pond.
  • Added some separate responses for waiting for a reel prompt in the Black Pond.
  • Added saxophone for jamming with the boys (Shoutouts to DaKAT)
  • Fixed a bug with the new !whatcanimake command
  • Major roles have been re-enabled, in order to allow some special voice channels to still remain visible (The "MOVIE NIGHT" voice channel in Astatine Heights is one such example)
  • Mining walls are now visible again
  • Shambled districts can now be captured.
  • Capped damage on Spontaneous Combustion
  • Made the bass more efficient with Sharptoother
  • Added !eat as a command you can use to consume food items
  • Removed Thicker Than Blood as a mutation, its effects are now automatically in place during regular combat
  • Damage numbers and slime spent no longer increase after level 50
  • Nerfed the shit out of desiccant packages, they now recover 2 hunger, instead of 1750. Twice as good as BBQ sauce!
  • The sewers now connects to the Drain Trench street in PA, so you can more easily end your life by flushing yourself.
  • You'll now be notified when you enter a district with a connection to the void.
  • Items in the shambled speakeasy may now be ordered, but at an increased cost
  • Made some backend changes to items. Your first use of !inv will be a bit laggy, but afterwards things should run smoothly just like before.
  • Revealed all entries in the !almanac
  • Fixed some issues with !eat and !data
  • Removed Slimecoin loss on death
  • Removed damage cap previously introduced in combat
  • Fixed a bug where living players would get routed through the sewers
  • Some backend changes. If you regularly browse the github, you'll now notice sections of ewcfg have been neatly placed inside json files.