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Gankers Vs. Shamblers


  • By incubating crop materials in Atomic Forest (Ooze Gardens Farms), you can produce seed packets
  • These are produced with !incubategaiaslimeoid
  • Using these seed packets with the !joinop [seedpacket] command will enter you into a Garden Op
  • After joining a garden op, you can !plant down gaiaslimeoids in coordinates on a grid
  • Planting is done by using !plant [coordinate] [seed packet]
  • Seed packets have cooldowns and gaiaslime costs. To view the current amount of gaiaslime, use !gaiaslime or !gs
  • To view this grid, use !grid or !lawn
  • You may also view individual lanes with !lane [row letter]
  • To remove gaiaslimeoids from a coordinate, you must use !dig [coord], while having the shovel equipped


  • By diving for brainz in Shambaquarium at Downpour Laboratories (Nuclear Beach Edge), you can get brainz
  • Shambaquarium is started with !dive, and then !searchforbrainz
  • You will have one minute to enter in as many captchas as possible to get brainz with the use of !grabbrainz [captcha]
  • You can only !searchforbrainz every 5 minutes
  • To return to Downpour Laboratories, you must use !resurface
  • Tombstones can be produced from brainz with !fabricatetombstone in Downpour Laboratories
  • Brainz can also be used to purchase protective equipment in the same location
  • To view the amount of brainz you have, use !brainz
  • Tombstones can be entered into Graveyard Ops with !joinop [tombstone]
  • Tombstones will spawn a set amount of shamblers before they run out


  • Operations can only be conducted in almost all districts
  • The off-limits areas are The Void, the gang bases, Juvie's row, Ooze Gardens, and Assault Flats
  • Operations can be viewed with !checkops and !checkops [district]
  • Entering into a Garden Op will lock the juvenile into that district
  • Entering into a Garden Op for the first time will also award the district with 50 Gaiaslime
  • Graveyard Ops can not have more than one of any particular tombstone
  • The entry of tombstones into Graveyard Ops has a cooldown applied to it, based on each type of tombstone
  • Garden Gankers win when all tombstones are empty and there are no shamblers on the grid
  • Shamblers win when all Garden Gankers have died
  • Garden Gankers are protected by Gaiaslimeoids, shambler players can not attack them while Gaiaslimeoids occupy the grid
  • Shambler enemies can only attack players once they have walked to the end of the grid
  • District degradation is either removed or filled when either side wins
  • When a district is degraded, all of its streets and subzones are also degraded
  • To check which districts are degraded, you may use !gvs

Farming Changes

  • 4 new tools have been added, juveniles can equip them. They are sold in OGF
  • The shovel lets you dig up Gaiaslimeoids and put them in pots
  • These can be sold back to Hortisolis with !sellgaia [gaiaslimeoid pot]
  • The pitchfork increases crop gains while equipped and reaping
  • The hoe increases slime gains while equipped and reaping
  • The slimering can does nothing just yet, it is reserved for a soon-to-be-added feature... not.
  • Gangsters can now farm, but must equip the hoe or the pitchfork. They can only !sow poudrins
  • Juveniles can !reap twice as early


  • To look up information on Gaiaslimeoids and Shamblers, you may use the !almanac
  • After an operation is finished, that district can not be fought over for another 60 minutes
  • Milling is now completely free
  • Shambler players can now attack anyone, regardless of PvP flag status
  • Players may switch sides by using !shamble in Assault Flats Beach or by taking the vaccine at the labs
  • As a result, !shamble no longer raises district degradation
  • The outskirts will no longer spawn enemies for the time being
  • All three layers of the outskirts have been condensed
  • No more rain
  • The SlimeCorp Lab now has a vendor that sells Vaccines for Modelovirus that can cure Shamblers and make them normal again. If you take the Vaccine and you aren't a Shambler, you gain the ability to cure Shamblers that you successfully kill. So, Coleslaw for Shamblers.
  • Shamblerball is rebranded and playable in Vandal Park.