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v3.33 Mega Patchnotes Catchup

Ghosts, Cosmetics, Capping, Streets, New Crops, and more!

No but for real, we have a LOT of shit to go over. I'll try to be as concise as I can, it's been a while since we last had a proper breakdown of things.

5/21/2020 - Major Ghost Update
  • Ghosts can now !inhabit other living players! This lets them latch onto their target wherever they go.
  • Ghosts can also posess the weapon of their target for a small fee. This boosts the damage done by that weapon.
  • Landing a kill will free the ghost from that weapon.
  • Removed slime decay for Kingpins.
  • Your maximum sap is now equal to (1.6 * (your level ^ 0.75)), instead of simply matching your current level.
5/30/2020 - Major Cosmetics Update
  • Every cosmetic in the game now has Attack, Defense, and Speed values, which modify movement and combat.
  • Cosmetics can break if they suffer too much damage.
  • Cosmetics can be bought at the bodega. Additionally, they can be repaired with !sew.
  • Any out-of-date cosmetics can be upgraded to the new format by using !retrofit.
  • Some cosmetics have special abilities. In particular, the mining helmet rewards you with a higher chance to unearth poudrins.
  • Using !fashion will let you check your Freshness level, a value that is determined by how well put together your outfit is.
  • Cosmetics now have styles, including Cute, Cool, Beautiful, Smart, and Tough.
  • Matching colors and styles will increase freshness.
  • Achieving a high freshness value will allow you to purchase from a secret menu at the bodega. Don't get your hopes up though.
  • Dressed-to-kill will now reward you with more damage if you achieve a freshness value of at least 250.
  • The amount of cosmetics you can adorn now has an exponential decrease the more you level up, rather than scaling linearly with your current slime level.
  • Starting at level 4, this is determined by (math.floor(math.sqrt(slimelevel - 2) - 0.40)).
  • Adorning cosmetics of the same type will no longer provide additional freshness/stat bonuses.
  • Races, and by extension, racism, has been added.
  • You can set your race using !setrace.
  • Ghosts may now haunt using the user ID of their target.
  • Cosmetics are no longer smelted by combining two poudrins. Instead, 5 random cosmetic materials from milling are now used for this process, each of which correspond to a particular style.
  • You must use 4 of these materials and 1 poudrin to smelt a random cosmetic associated with that style.
  • ... Later that day ...
  • Ghosts can now crystalize 1 million antislime into a negapoudrin.
  • A new weapon, the Eldritch Staff, can be smelted from this negapoudrin.
  • This staff deals extra damage if various ritualistic conditions are met.
  • Captchas are now sent back to the user in emoji form, to prevent simple copy-and-paste manuevers.
  • The running start associated with Quantum Legs will now only be interrupted if a command is typed.
  • Enemies now experience status effects.
  • Juveniles can now participate in duels. Good fucking luck.
  • Added Gummy Worms.
6/29/20 - Major Capping Update
  • Using !spray in a district now increases Influence within that district.
  • The amount of influence gained is based on slime level, weapon level, and certain mutations.
  • Influence can be increased even beyond the maximum reccomended amount, though it will decay past that point.
  • Negaslimeoids can decrease influence.
  • Capping between 3 and 10 PM will net a 33% capture bonus.
  • Capping is now done with tools sold at Based Hardware (more on that later...)
  • Players now have a secondary weapon slot. Use !switch or !s to swap between them
  • Second Ammendment will now increase attack damage if both slots are filled with weapons.
  • Sprays can be assigned with !changespray. Using !tag will display it. Getting a critical hit while capping will also display it.
  • You may now use !petslimeoid on someone else's slimeoid, provided that you are in a quadrant with them.
  • You may now also use !abuseslimeoid, which functions similarly. Be careful!
  • !dyecosmetic now works as follows: (!dyecosmetic [cosmetic] [color])
7/02/20 - New Crops
  • 4 new crops have been added to the game. They are Rustea Leaves, Metallicaps, Steel Beans, and Aushucks.
  • 3 of them are metallic, and are hard to obtain. They can be purchased from the bazaar, but only once every 48 hours.
  • When sowing them, you will only have a rare chance to reap more than one, but you will reap 5 or 6 if this 10% chance is met.
  • Milling has been reworked! Now you just get crop materials from doing it, which can be combined with other items.
  • These other completely new items can be bought at Based Hardware. They are texiles, dye solutions, and food bases.
  • Smelting together crop materials with textiles will create cosmetics exclusive to that crop.
  • Smelting together crop materials with dye solutions will create dyes. The non-metallic crop, Rustea Leaves, creates the brown dye.
  • Smelting together crop materials with food bases will create food exclusive to that crop.
  • Crushing a crop with !crush will now provide you with its associated cosmetic material.
  • Creating dyes from the three metallic crops will endow you with paint!
  • Saturating your slimeoid with paint will give a coating in battle that provides stat buffs, but it can only be used three times before it is consumed!
  • Using paint will alter your Slimeoid's hue. It will also gain a coating, but the coating's effects must be re-applied for every battle.
  • Metallic hues have no effect in battle, in contrast to the aforementioned coatings.
7/17/20 - Major Map Update
  • The map has now been overhualed. Streets are locations that you can now visit within a district.
  • Being in the streets will flag you for PvP, much like the outskirts.
  • Some subzones, such as the mines, piers, and farms, are now gated behind streets.
  • Each street has its own unique name and setting.
  • The outskirts have been expanded from one layer bordering the city to three layers.
  • Using !haunt in the same location as your target will increase the amount of slime drained.
  • Sharptoother is now less effective with weapons that have no captchas.
  • The dragon claw and bass have been nerfed.
  • The eldritch staff has been rebalanced. It now no longer requires a captcha, instead needing more attack commands to be entered.
  • A new area, The Void, has been added. In certain alternating districts, you may use !descend to enter into it. It also contains a wafflehouse.
  • Mining events such as Minesweeper and Bubble Breaker will appear less frequently if more people are inside the mine.
  • Racial slurs have been removed. We apologise if any robots, furries, or other foul creatures of the night have been impacted by their addition in the first place.
  • The katana has had its crit damage multiplier lowered from 2 to 1.5
  • Dressed-to-kill has also had its damage multiplier of FOUR lowered down to 1.5
  • !step and !tiptoe are new movement commands that will not route you through streets or outskirts. Use them in tandem with !goto for safe movement towards your destination, for the time being.
  • Attacking and Killing will now flag you no matter what your location is, as was previously the case.
  • Streets have had their movement timers lowered from 30 to 20 seconds.
  • Added in Big John.
  • Big John will have a 25% chance to appear whenever a mining accident occurs and save you from your impending demise.