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Patchnotes v3.26i2

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Lowered the chance for enemy spawning every tick to 25% (down from 33%).
  • Added in !lookbetweenthecushions as an alias for !scavenge.
  • Added in togo ordering and player ordering back in for food items. Togo ordering will raise the price by 50%.
  • Added in !brainz, as an alternative form of !awoo exclusive to shamblers.
  • PvP flags on many actions have been quadrupled in length for gangsters. These include flags for scavenging, mining, pissing on someone else, spam knocking, cliff pushing, attacking, killing, capturing, sparring, enlisting, and fishing.
  • Lowered the value 'retard' has in swear jar detection.
  • Ghost can no longer squeeze souls.
  • !teleport will now specify if its timer is not yet ready, even without listing a location in the command.