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Patchnotes v3.23i2 - Intermission 2 aka Dark Souls 3

Injuries & Trauma

  • Every attack will now cause an Injury to one of four hitzones: torso, head, arms, legs.
  • Injuries cause future attacks against their hitzone to deal increased damage, as well as secondary effects depending on the hitzone.
  • Injuries persist until death.
  • Injuries get worse the more you get hit.
  • After !revive-ing players will experience Trauma, based on the way they died. The effects of Trauma get worse, the more degradation the player has.


  • Standing in the rain unprotected no longer reduces your slime count, but it increases your degradation level.
  • Dying increases your degradation level.
  • Killing high level players decreases your degradation level.
  • Players need to wait for a time equal to their degradation level in seconds before they can !revive after dying.
  • When a player's degradation level gets too high, they become a Shambler upon their next !revive.


  • Shamblers !revive with 500k slime in the location where they last died.
  • Shamblers generate slime up to a limit of 1 mega, when they are exposed to the bicarbonate rain.
  • Shamblers cannot interact with most sub-zones.
  • Shamblers cannot !enlist.
  • Shamblers are always pvp-flagged.
  • Shamblers can attack pvp-flagged players.
  • Shamblers do not experience hunger, mutations or trauma.
  • Shamblers can !shamble to degrade districts and sub-zones and increase their own degradation.
  • Fully degraded districts can no longer be captured. Fully degraded sub-zones can no longer be used.
  • Shamblers can never become Juveniles again.