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Patchnotes v3.13


  • Every player has an amount of sap equal to their slimelevel.
  • Some actions cost sap to perform, most notably !kill.
  • Sap regenerates at a rate of 1 per 5 seconds.
  • You can !harden a variable amount of sap to increase your defenses. Hardened sap counts against your sap limit.
  • You can !liquefy hardened sap back into your sap pool.
  • When you !crush a poudrin, once every 60 seconds, you receive 5 sap.
  • For more information use !help sap.


  • Attacking now costs an amount of sap depending on your weapon.
  • Some weapons destroy enemy hardened sap. This is referred to as sap crushing.
  • Some weapons ignore a portion of enemy hardened sap. This is referred to as sap piercing.
  • Most weapons require a security code (or captcha) to be input with every attack. Captcha length varies between weapons.
  • Added new combat commands:
    • !aim [player] increases crit chance and decreases miss chance against that player for 10 seconds. Costs 2 sap.
    • !dodge [player] decreases player's hit chance against you for 10 seconds. Costs 3 sap.
    • !taunt [player] decreases player's hit chance against targets other than you for 10 seconds. Costs 5 sap.
  • Weapon mastery increases damage by 5% per level (down from 10%).
  • Reduced attack slime cost to level^4 / 60 (down from level^4 / 24).
  • Added a separate !help topic for every weapon, explaining how it works.

Territory Control

  • Territories are now locked at 100% after being captured. They stay locked for a time depending on property class and the number of gangsters involved in the capture.
    • C class: 30 minutes
    • B class: 1 hour
    • A class: 2 hours
    • S class: 4 hours
    • Every gangster beyond the first increases these values by 30 minutes.
  • These timers are halted while the district is fully surrounded by friendly districts.
  • Increased movement speed modifier from territory control to 10s (up from 5s).
  • Added a 50% discount for shops in controlled districts for the controlling faction and a 4x penalty for the opposing faction.
  • Slimegain from fishing, farming and mining is doubled for the controlling faction.


  • Every time you reroll a mutation, the cost for the next reroll doubles. Resets on death.
  • When you !suicide, 10% of your slime is drained into the Sewers.