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Patchnotes v3.12

Double Halloween

  • Removed Double Halloween.
  • Double Halloween costumes can now only be adorned on a full moon.
  • An intense tremor has caved in certain parts of the city. Evacuations to Juvie's Row have been made.


  • Added Sherman back in.
  • Added in Slimy Persuits, a candy store in New New Yonkers.
  • Added in Bicarbonate enemies, which are more powerful, more vulnerable to attacks, and completely immune to Bicarbonate Rainstorms.
  • Nerfed Thicker Than Blood when hunting enemies. Now only gives out 75% of remaining slime (down from 100%), while the rest is sent to the district.
  • Nerfed !boo buffering (it's now only one response instead of two).
  • Added !mine reset back in for the minesweeper event.
  • Removed Herobrine.