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Patchnotes v3.9hwx2 (by Ethan)

Double Halloween

  • Ghosts can move twice as fast, haunt up to 50,000 slime, and use !haunt every three minutes.
  • Make your own costume! Head to RP City in Little Chernobyl to grab a costume kit, and use !makecostume to use it.
  • Trick or Treat once you've got your costume on! You can trick or a treat a player in an apartment, or just use !trickortreat in a district to get candy from locals. Be careful though, you might get tricked! In fact, better candy is given out from higher class districts, but you're more likely to get tricked from those places.


  • Other command slike !hunger, !boo, !spook, and !endlesswar have been added. Try them out!
  • Game guides can now be read in any channel.
  • Fixed backfire error with sandbags.
  • Regular body spray has been renamed to 'Juvie Grade' body spray.
  • FUCK Energy drinks now have 'Drink' added to the end of their name.