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Patchnotes v3.9a (by stotle)

Slime's End Cliffs

  • Added the Slime's End Cliffs, a new pvp-enabled subzone in Slime's End.
  • !toss: Throw an item off the cliff. Thrown items will either sink into the sea or get eaten by sea monsters. These creatures kick up slime when they chow down, so make sure to !scavenge it.
  • !jump: A form of suicide. All of your items will be discarded as though they were !tossed. However, adorned and equipped weapons should not delete. You'll leave a portion of your slime on the cliff when the krakens consume you.
  • !push: Like !jump but for other players. Players can't be !pushed if they have the "Fat Chace" or "Big Bones" mutation. However, having "Light as a Feather" overrides both of these and makes you vulnerable to pushing.
  • !bully is an alias for !push. !push and !bully also have a dual function outside of the Cliffs.