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Farming Update

  • You can now !mill vegetables you receive from farming into various useful items.
  • Farming slime yields have been increased.

Slimeoid Dyes

  • You can now give your slimeoid a new coat of paint. Literally. !saturateslimeoid with a dye. I wonder where you could get one of those.
  • Slimeoid colors affect your slimeoid's strengths and weaknesses in combat. Your slimeoid's attacks are strong against split complementary colors and weak against analogous colors.

Ghost Rework

  • !haunt only does 1/10 of the damage it used to.
  • Ghosts can only move within a small radius around the place they died.
  • Any successful hit against a ghost will bust them.
  • A busted ghost loses 10% of their anti-slime and is sent back to the Sewers and can't leave until they !haunt again.
  • !negaslime is back.
  • Ghosts can now !summon Negaslimeoids in the city.


  • Negaslimeoids roam the streets, decapping territory and haunting players in their district. They will show up in your !look command.
  • Normal slimeoids can battle negaslimeoids with !battlenegaslimeoid. Fights against Negaslimeoids are to the death!

Gang affiliation

  • !enlist requires you to have 50k slime and is only possible in your gangbase.
  • You can now !renounce your gang affiliation at your gangbase, returning to the life of a simple juvenile.
  • Kingpins can now !banish players from enlisting.


  • When a stock falls below a 1:1 rate, the majority shareholder will be held responsible and lose 90% of their shares.
  • A majority of the slime, a juvenile drops on death, flows into the Sewers and explodes into the city on the next !revive