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Patchnotes v3.2

Weapons and Items

  • Item scavenging is here. On death your killer gets all of your adorned cosmetics and your currently equipped weapon, but the rest of your items are scattered into the zone. Anyone using !scavenge in that area has a chance to find these items.
  • It's now possible to !give your weapons to other players, just like normal items.
  • Juvies can now purchase weapons at the Dojo, though they still can't !equip them.
  • Weapon names are unique now. Get yours before someone else steals it!


  • The kick-out timer has been shortened to 1 hour, but posting in the server resets it again.
  • The bleeding system has been slightly changed. You don't take the full damage of attacks up front, but it's now possible to bleed to death.
  • Fixed a bug, that allowed players to complete their movement after dying.
  • Fixed a bug, that prevented players from gaining weapon skill.