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Patchnotes v3.0 - SEASON 3, BABYYYYY!

Farming Buff

  • You are able to !reap your crops after 3 hours instead of 6.
  • Your crops yield 160000 slime instead of 120000.
  • You have a 1 in 3 chance to get a poudrin upon each successful !reap, with another 1 in 3 chance to get a second one.
  • You get 3 edible vegetables upon each !reap.

Public Transit System

  • The ferry actually moves between ports and you can only get on/off at the port it's currently at.
  • Added a subway system. There are 4 lines with 2 trains running on each of them at all times:
    • The Red line between Toxington and Cratersville
    • The Yellow line between Arsonbrook and South Sleezeborough
    • The Green line between Smogsburg and West Glocksbury
    • The Blue line between Assault Flats Beach and Downtown
  • Added a blimp line that connects Dreadford and Assault Flats Beach.
  • All public transit lines use the new !embark/!disembark commands for getting on and off.
  • Check where you can travel from your current station with the !schedule command.
  • PvP is enabled across the entire public transit system.

Stocks Rework

  • Stocks are back!
  • !invest in SlimeCorp's newest acquisitions KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

Weapon Items

  • Weapons are items now.
  • !arm yourself at the Dojo and !equip weapons on the fly.