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Patchnotes v2.21 (back through v2.19)

Wow wow wow. We've got player profile pages now, with all kinds of statistics and your avatar. Just !data yourself or any other player to get a link to their profile. Profiles are also linked from the stats page. Expect these to get augmented in the future!

Munchy came through with an overhaul on food pricing. Everything is different now! I don't even know what food costs anymore.

A new casino game Slime Skat was added by Magicks. This is the first foray into multiplayer casino games (excluding of course Russian Roulette).

Weapon marriage is now legal and encouraged in NLACakaNM. Go to the dojo to !marry your weapon, assuming you have at least mastery level 8.

Scavenging has finally arrived! When players are killed, part of their slime splatters out into the district they died in. It can be reclaimed by any nearby player by repeatedly !scavenge-ing.


  • Corrected a pathing bug that would allow players to cross through unfriendly territory.
  • Both players now gain weaponskill while sparring.
  • Killing teammates no longer awards slime to your kingpin.
  • !bonk has been added, as a more friendly alternative to !kill.
  • It's no longer possible to travel directly from Old New Yonkers to the Assault Flats Beach Resort.