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Patchnotes v2.15 - GET OUTTA HERE BUMS

Loitering players are no longer welcome in the subzone districts of NLACakaNM. If you are idle for 3 hours in a subzone you will now be kicked out into the cold. Additionally:

  • Players need at least 10k slime to catpure a district.
  • Districts take longer to capture:
    • Rank S: 120 minutes
    • Rank A: 60 minutes
    • Rank B: 30 minutes
    • Rank C: 15 minutes
  • Progress notifications for capturing now occur every 5% (up in frequency from 10%).
  • It now takes two in-game days for capture to decay, up from one.
  • Slime kingpins receive for captured territories has been doubled.
  • You can now only give items to players in the same district as you.
  • You can now !anoint instead of !annoint if you want to.
  • A Slimeoid Battle bug on turn order has been corrected.
  • Travel time now shows minutes and seconds when the travel time is greater than one minute. (Previously only the floored minute time was shown.)
  • Eating coleslaw-to-go now provides the Ghostbusting power of fresh coleslaw.
  • ENDLESS WAR no longer cares if you delete your messages.


HOLD ON - We got one more:

  • Players may now !halt or !stop to cancel their in-progress move.