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Patchnotes v2.14 (retro through v2.08) - MegaCatchup Edition

You think it's easy assembling all the patchnotes for a game this big? No way! Nobody wants to do it. But I'm doing it. Just for you, dear reader.

P.S.: The guide page has been updated with the orientation text.


  • Slime poudrins now appropriately transfer to the killer when a player is killed.
  • Territory control points decay once per tick, meaning that an unoccupied territory will remain captured for six hours (up from 3 hours).
  • Munchy and Ben icons appear next to their names on the leaderboard.
  • The leaderboard now actually renders correctly.


  • New aliases for districts were added by K1P, including ns for North Sleezeborough, ss for South Sleezeborough, glock for Glocksbury, ton for Wreckington, af and bf for Assault Flats Beach Resort, ttn and tx for Toxington, sons and kws for The King's Wife's Son Speakeasy, cm for Cratersville Mines, toxm for Toxington Mines, smc, wf, and rf for The Smoker's Cough, and mob for Red Mobster Seafood.
  • If you are unable to receive DMs from ENDLESS-WAR, your inventory will print publicly when running the !inventory command.
  • Bug fixes for Slimeoid battles.
  • New cosmetic items, including fursuits and karategis.
  • Offline (or "Invisible" status) players can not participate in capturing districts.


  • Mismining has been removed from the game. You will no longer die from mining while exhausted.
  • Districts can now be captured by either faction, by standing in that district unopposed by the opposite faction. Captured districts generate slime for your kingpin.
  • Cosmetic items may be smelted from poudrins, and can be adorned to affect your appearance. These items are lost on death, and adorned cosmetics are stolen by your killer.


  • Slimeoid battling!! Pit your slimeoid against other players' for fun and profit.


  • Howl has been fixed.
  • Travel into subzones now takes 30 seconds, up from 5.
  • Introduction of Slimeoids.
  • Attempting to transfer SlimeCoin to yourself is illegal and will likely result in your death.
  • It's now possible to !give items to other players, as long as they aren't soulbound.


  • Use the !salute command to wave the flag of NLACakaNM.
  • !annoint has been renamed to !anoint (the correct spelling).
  • Farming has been introduced, allowing Juveniles to sow their poudrins, later to reap the slime.
  • It is once again possible to visit the NLACakaNM Cinemas. They were briefly obscured by the Red Mobster.
  • Slime Baccarat has been added to the casino.
  • Use the !unsalute command to burn the flag of NLACakaNM.
  • !anoint has been renamed to !annoint (the correct spelling).
  • The description of the Mines has been corrected.
  • Fixed an issue with pathing that was causing some areas to be unreachable.