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Patchnotes (by Lateralyst) v2.07 - Slime Rebalance and ToGo Food Items 11111111111

Both the slime and SlimeCoin amounts of all players have been reduced drastically to make sense in the new system. As players gain more slime and increase in slime level, they now need to eat progressively more. Food prices have been radically altered, making more expensive foods much more effective (and therefore more useful to higher level players).

  • Slime of all players reduced by a factor of 100.
  • SlimeCoin of all players reduced by a factor of ten.
  • SlimeCoin exchange rate is now 100 slime/SlimeCoin, down from 1000.

You can now !order togo for any food item, sending that item to your !inventory instead of your stomach. You can eat inventory items with the !use command, specifying either the food name or item ID number listed next to it.

Food items spoil after two in-game days (12 real time hours), becoming inedible. Attempting to eat or !inspect rotten food items will cause them to be discarded.

Your carrying capacity for food scales with your level. Level one players can carry one togo food item. An additional item may be carried for every eight levels earned beyond that. (At level nine you can carry two, at level 17 you can carry three, and so on.)

  • A new command !buy has been added, which has the same effect as !order.
  • Ordering food togo is twice as expensive as eating in.