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Patchnotes v2.02 - Slimeroulette Graphics and More

Slimeroulette has received a much-needed graphical update, featuring new animations and a roulette board, so you actually know what you're betting on!

  • It is no longer possible to spar with players outside of the dojo.
  • Haunting is now capped at the ghost's current antislime.
  • PvP is once again disabled in the Rowdy Roughhouse, Cop Killtown, and Juvie's Row.
  • Players can now order drinks for each other in the Speakeasy.
  • Killing a player with the same level as you will now result in a weaponskill increase. (Previously you had to kill a higher level player.)
  • The bot no longer echos @ in player names.
  • Mining and sparring yields have been tweaked to make perfect sparring more effective than perfect mining.
  • Ghosts should no longer be stuck in a permanent limbo when busted.