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Patchnotes v2.01 - Patchnotes by Lateralyst™

  • food can no longer be ordered for people who are not in the food court. #maxrevivegangwarfare
  • slime gain on !sparring has been strongly reduced (depends on the situation; on average it's between 2 and 3 times less). sparring is just too damn good.
  • !kill/!shoot/!attack now costs half as much as before while still dealing the same amount of damage at weaponskill 0 (and even more at higher levels). this is to incentivize gang warfare, the way this game should be played. there was talk of basing it on one's slime amount and not level but we'll need some more time to think about how to best do that. may come in the future.
  • weapon skill has a bigger effect on damage, from 5% per level to 10%
  • new aliases for attacking (!attack) and linking to the 'news' section of krak's website (!news)
  • new aliases for all the locations, all of them now have at least one 1-4 letter abbreviation (going to south sleezeborough isn't a big pain in the ass anymore, now you can type !goto ssb; full list of aliases in, can be found on EW's github (i hope someone just publishes it as a list somewhere))
  • !haunting has become much more effective, the maximum antislime for remote haunting is up to 20k from 5k, and haunting someone who's in the same location as you removes the cap and takes double the usual percentage (remote: 2.5%, face to face: 5%)
  • removed fumble chance, it kinda made weapons worse than unarmed combat at low weaponskill levels cause it only affected weapon-based combat for some reason
  • removed repeat killing protection (the "you have already proven your superiority over.." thing)(edited)
  • made the bot (hopefully) much less laggy by making it send the end result messages instead of sending "..." and then editing it. assuming sending and editing takes similarly as much time, EW should be half as laggy now cause sending/editing messages seems like it's the biggest performance drain and it now has to perform only one of those actions (in most cases)
  • allowed number of full hunger !mines increased from 5 to 7 because discord message buffering could otherwise fuck you over more easily
  • fixed nunchucks. they didnt work at all previously and were just an objectively worse version of basically all other weapons. now their damage is actually based on how many strikes happen.
  • bounties should work now. thank @dwoobo for that