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Patchnotes v1.27 - Sparring buff, Slime Poudrins, and Annointing

Sparring has been redesigned to greatly increase the amount of slime generated. This should help players catch up to the larger slimeholders on the server. Generally speaking, it's best to spar somebody with about 10x the slime that you have.

Something strange is going on in the mines... there are rumors of ARTIFACTS being unearthed. Their purpose and meaning is not entirely clear yet.

  • !mine now yields significantly more slime.
  • !mine now has a small chance to unearth slime poudrins in addition to slime.
  • Killing a player grants you their poudrins.
  • Poudrins are always lost on death.

The oft-requested feature of weapon naming has actually been implemented. Use the new !annoint command to name your currently equipped weapon.

  • !annoint requires 100 slime and 1 slime poudrin.
  • Names may be no more than 32 characters.
  • Names apply the current weapon and persist indefinitely, even through death.
  • Each weapon may have its own name.