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Patchnotes v1.19 - Weapon Effects

Major update!! Every equipped weapon now has significant effects which alter their damage and can potentially hurt you when attempting a !kill. Additionally:

  • It's now possible to miss attacks.
  • Weapon skill plays a major role in miss rate.
  • Attacks may crit, dealing significant damage or causing an instant kill.
  • Slime awarded from a kill is the sum of all slime damage the dying player sustained during their life.
  • A new command !data has been added, which gives you stats about yourself or a mentioned player, including slime level, equipped weapon, trauma, bounties, etc.
  • A new weapon scythe has been added.

When you equip a weapon, your weapon skill is reset to 0. You can train skill by sparring friendly players with the same weapon equipped in the dojo. When your skill is low, you are significantly more likely to miss attacks, wasting precious slime.