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Patchnotes v3.9


  • Mining has been completely reworked. You can once again !mine without additional arguments.
  • On every !mine there's a 5% chance of triggering a mining event. Mining events are divided into categories of rarity:
    • Common events: 60% chance
    • Uncommon events: 30% chance
    • Rare events: 10% chance
  • Slime Glob: You get 4x the usual amount for your !mine. (Common event)
  • Slime Frenzy: You hit a dense slime vein and everyone in the mine gains double slime from !mine for 30 seconds. (Common event)
  • Poudrin Frenzy: You hit a vein of poudrins and everyone in the mine gets a guaranteed poudrin for every !mine for 5 seconds. (Uncommon event)
  • Mineshaft Collapse: Your mineshaft collapses around you. Enter !mine and an 8 letter captcha code to escape in time. If you wait more than 60 seconds or continue mining normally for too long, you lose half your slime in a mining accident. (Uncommon event)
  • Minesweeper: Mining becomes Minesweeper for 3 minutes. (Rare event)
  • Bubble Breaker: Mining becomes a bubble breaker sort of mini game for 3 minutes. Create fields of identical number bubbles to pop them all. (Rare event)
  • Mining accidents (50% slime) for mining beyond your hunger limit and mining in the wrong channel are also back.

Patchnotes v3.8a

Protection from the rain

  • Added the umbrella, a new weapon that will protect you from the bicarbonate rain weather effect.
  • The umbrella employs a new captcha based combat system, that requires you to enter a security code with every !kill.
  • The umbrella also reduces incoming damage in combat by 50%.
  • Added a raincoat cosmetic, that also protects you (or your slimeoid) from the bicarbonate rain.

Patchnotes v3.8: THE GREAT STORM


  • Added the bicarbonate rain weather effect.
  • Standing outside in the bicarbonate rain will cause you to lose 10% of your slime every 10 seconds, or at least 10,000 slime.
  • Slimeoids have a chance to die in the bicarbonate rain depending on their size.
  • The weather changes more frequently and the bicarbonate rain effect has an increased likelihood of appearing.

Patchnotes v3.7f


  • !offer now looks for a non-offered item to offer in the trade. To remove an item from the trade, use the new !removeoffer command.
  • Trading now supports the inventory sorting and stacking system.

Sewer and Slime Sea Items

  • All items in the Sewers are now scattered across the city, or flushed into the Slime Sea, whenever a player revives.
  • Players who die by falling off the blimp or into the Slime Sea now drop their items into the zone they land in, instead of into the transport they were riding.
  • Players who fish in the Slime Sea now have a chance to reel in items, that were previously dropped into it.

Patchnotes v3.7e


  • Every player gets 1 soul.
  • You can !extractsoul to remove your soul from your body. You can exchange and bet this soul as though it was any other cosmetic item.
  • You can regain a soul by using !returnsoul with a soul in your inventory. The soul needs to be yours for it to work.
  • If you hold a soul from another player, you can !squeezesoul to taunt them, and drain them of a big chunk of slime. Threaten using this power to make them do your bidding! You can also send a message, similar to haunt messaging.
  • You can !betsoul at the casino to exchange it for half a billion Slimecoin. However, you and other players can !buysoul to purchase a soul that has been gambled this way. Mention a player when betting or buying to specify their soul.


  • Added picture frames. You can !frame an image link to make it part of the item description.
  • Adorn now finds only unadorned items. You have to use !dedorn to remove them now.
  • Same with the slimeoid commands, you have to use !undressslimeoid to remove them.
  • Item quantity shows up on !inspect.

Patchnotes v3.7d


  • Added Glocksbury Comics. You can purchase enemy 'repels' there.
  • Defender enemies now take half damage.
  • Raid bosses now no longer get identifiers when moving into the city.
  • Reduced enemy spawn rate by 1/3.
  • Increased enemy lifetime to 12 hours (up from 3).
  • Increased enemy aggro timer to 5 seconds, when a player enters into a district (up from 3).
  • Increased raid boss move cooldown to 150 seconds (up from 120).
  • Made common enemies more common and raid bosses more rare.


  • !trade [player] to ask them to trade.
  • If they !accept you can !offer each other items.
  • !completetrade when you're ready. Items will be exchanged when both players do this.
  • !canceltrade to, well, cancel a trade.
  • Trades are cancelled on death or when a player leaves the area.
  • Check all that with !help trading.


  • Added !survey command to reduce clutter.
  • Added response splitting for apartments to avoid lengthy responses.
  • Added the sandbag to the Dojo, which costs no slime or hunger to attack, but does not drop slime either.
  • Updated the slimeoid battling functions to not work when a player doesn't have a slimeoid.

Patchnotes v3.7c (by stotle)


  • You can smelt leather furniture using regular furniture and scalps.
  • A laundry machine has been added to the bazaar. You can !wash dyes off of stuff, including slimeoids.
  • You can now !browse for some RFCK-related discord servers, if you own a laptop.
  • Misc

    • !data works in DMs again.
    • You can !smoke if you have a cigarette on you.
    • !look text is a bit more spaced out.

Patchnotes v3.7b


  • You can now !recycle your trash at the SlimeCorp Recycling Plant in Smogsburg.

Community Chests

  • You can now !stow and !snag items in public chests within Cop Killtown, the Rowdy Roughhouse, Juvie's Row and the Sewers.
  • Check the contents of a chest using !chest.


  • Use !inv stack to display your inventory with all identical items stacked.
  • Use !transportmap to view a map of all the NLACakaNM subway lines.
  • You can now purchase a game guide at the colleges.

Patchnotes v3.7a


  • You can now display your fish in an !aquarium inside your apartment. Retrieve the fish with !releasefish.
  • You can now put arbitrary items on a !propstand inside your apartment. Retrieve the item with !unstand.


  • The cooldowns for various actions are now displayed, when you attempt to perform them prematurely. You can also check your !fursuit for the next full moon.
  • Slimeoid incapacitation after losing in battle has been lowered from 15 minutes to 5 minutes.

Patchnotes v3.7


  • Players may now own (or rather, rent) real estate. !consult at the SlimeCorp Real Estate Agency to find, which neighborhood is right for you.
  • Players access apartments by going to their leased apartment zone and using !retire.
  • Your apartment allows you to !stow items and slimeoids. You may !upgrade your lease to acquire more storage space.
  • Put food items into your !fridge to pause their rotting.
  • You can also decorate your apartment with new furniture items.
  • You can visit other players' apartments by !knocking on their door.

PvP Overhaul

  • !enlist from anywhere again.
  • !renounce now costs half of your slime.
  • You don't lose all of your items on death anymore, instead:
    • Lose all of your unequipped weapons.
    • Lose some of your food, some of your unadorned cosmetics. (half for gangsters, a quarter for juvies)
    • Reduce weaponskill to a minimum of 6 (up from 3).
    • Lose none of your adorned cosmetics and your equipped weapon, they are merely unequipped.
  • The cops are cracking down on Juvie violence. Attacking an unenlisted Juvenile now makes you Wanted for an hour plus your bounty in seconds.
  • Upon becoming Wanted your information is posted in the enemy's gangbase.
  • Being Wanted incurs a number of penalties:
    • You cannot enter sub-zones.
    • Your movement speed is reduced to half the standard and you cannot teleport.
    • You drop 100% of your SlimeCoin on death.
    • You cannot suicide and your teammates cannot kill you.
    • You drop all of your items on death.
    • You lose all of your weaponskills on death.


  • Removed passive hunger.
  • Reduced sparring cooldown and hunger cost.
  • Enlisting for the first time in a new gang now requires an active member of that gang to !vouch for you.
  • You can now !bottleslimeoid to put your active slimeoid in your inventory, allowing you to switch between multiple active slimeoids and trade them.