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The Slime Times - Issue #2 (v2)

Don't miss the latest issue of The Slime Times for some market news, stream highlights, and LORE! This is a reissue of #2 with updated styling by Tobastion.

Content by Super Investor, LemonTart, and Evange.

Patchnotes v1.22 - Weapon Adjustments and Market Influence

Invest and withdraw now affect the market rate based on their effect on the total amount of SlimeCoin in the market, up to a maximum of +/- 3% per tick. Additionally:

  • Critical damage with knives now deals 2x damage (up from 1.5x)
  • Base damage with the scythe now deals 1.25x damage (up from 0.85x)
  • The cost to swing the scythe is now 1.33x the cost of a base attack (up from 0.67x)
  • It's no longer possible to end up with negative slime as a result of !kill.
  • Weaponskill is no longer reset to 0 on !equip (for real this time).

Patchnotes v1.21 - Multiple Weapon Skills

You can now switch between weapons without losing your skill on that weapon.

  • All weaponskill related effects apply to your current weapon and skill.
  • Sparring (dueling) increases your current weapon skill only.
  • Weaponskill still resets to 0 on revive (for all weapons).

Patchnotes v1.20 - Haunting Improvements

Small update.

  • Dead players may now haunt Juveniles.
  • The cap for haunting slime has been raised to 5,000 (up from 1,500).
  • The percentage of slime taken from a haunt is now 2.5% (down from 5%).

This incentivizes haunting players with larger amounts of slime who probably won't miss 5k. Also, the website is getting more and more green themed. I hope you like GREEN.

Patchnotes v1.19 - Weapon Effects

Major update!! Every equipped weapon now has significant effects which alter their damage and can potentially hurt you when attempting a !kill. Additionally:

  • It's now possible to miss attacks.
  • Weapon skill plays a major role in miss rate.
  • Attacks may crit, dealing significant damage or causing an instant kill.
  • Slime awarded from a kill is the sum of all slime damage the dying player sustained during their life.
  • A new command !data has been added, which gives you stats about yourself or a mentioned player, including slime level, equipped weapon, trauma, bounties, etc.
  • A new weapon scythe has been added.

When you equip a weapon, your weapon skill is reset to 0. You can train skill by sparring friendly players with the same weapon equipped in the dojo. When your skill is low, you are significantly more likely to miss attacks, wasting precious slime.

Patchnotes and News Updates

From now on, significant news and patch notes will be posted here as changes are made. Check back in the future for more information.

If you're looking for the stock market graphs, they moved. You can always click on the graph icon at the top right corner of this page to go there.

The Slime Times - Issue #1

July 27, 2018 - This post comes from the FUTURE. I'm adding the first Slime Times issue here for completeness, so that new players can come back and find it.

The first SlimeCoin CRASH, worse than anybody would have imagined. The first Slimefest. And, for a brief moment, Ben had more slime than Munchy.

Download here.