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Patchnotes v3.14


  • Added the Green Cake Cafe in Little Chernobyl, which serves foods and drinks.


  • Mutations text is now displayed using the command !mutations, and not in !data anymore.
  • !harvest is and has always been a command.

Patchnotes v3.13a

Territory Control

  • Skip capture times using the new !annex command. Using !annex in a friendly or neutral district will immediately lock it at 100%, in a hostile district it will turn the district neutral at 0%. !annex costs slime depending on the property class of the district you're trying to capture.
    • S class: 1,000,000 slime
    • A class: 500,000 slime
    • B class: 200,000 slime
    • C class: 100,000 slime
  • Doubled default capture lock times:
    • S class: 8 hours
    • A class: 4 hours
    • B class: 2 hours
    • C class: 1 hour

Weapon Tweaks

  • Added heavy weapon class. Heavy weapons decrease miss chance and increase crit chance of incomin attacks against the bearer by 10% and 5% respectively. The minigun and the broadsword are considered heavy weapons.
  • Changes to the SMG:
    • Decreased damage mod to 0.2 (down from 0.25).
    • Increased sap cost to 3 (up from 2).
    • Now requires captchas only on !unjam.
  • Changes to the Minigun:
    • Decreased damage mod to 0.8 (down from 1).
    • Increased attack cost mod to 5 (up from 1).
    • Increased sap crushing per hit to 2 (up from 1 per hit).
    • Removed windup time.
    • Heavy weapon.
  • Changes to the Broadsword:
    • Increased damage mod to 3 (up from 1).
    • Increased attack cost mod to 5 (up from 1.5).
    • Increased sap cost to 12 (up from 4).
    • Heavy weapon.
  • Changes to the Scythe:
    • Increased damage mod to 0.5 (up from 0.25).
    • Increased attack cost mod to 3 (up from 1.5).
    • Increased sap cost to 6 (up from 3).
    • Changed sap piercing to 3 per enemy kill, up to a maximum of 30 (previously flat 10).


  • Chameleon Skin only works while in offline mode now, but it can no longer be detected using Keen Smell.
  • Reduced the number of mines in minesweeper to 20 (down from 30).
  • Crushing poudrins now correctly levels you up.
  • Territory speed bonus/malus actually works now.

Patchnotes v3.13


  • Every player has an amount of sap equal to their slimelevel.
  • Some actions cost sap to perform, most notably !kill.
  • Sap regenerates at a rate of 1 per 5 seconds.
  • You can !harden a variable amount of sap to increase your defenses. Hardened sap counts against your sap limit.
  • You can !liquefy hardened sap back into your sap pool.
  • When you !crush a poudrin, once every 60 seconds, you receive 5 sap.
  • For more information use !help sap.


  • Attacking now costs an amount of sap depending on your weapon.
  • Some weapons destroy enemy hardened sap. This is referred to as sap crushing.
  • Some weapons ignore a portion of enemy hardened sap. This is referred to as sap piercing.
  • Most weapons require a security code (or captcha) to be input with every attack. Captcha length varies between weapons.
  • Added new combat commands:
    • !aim [player] increases crit chance and decreases miss chance against that player for 10 seconds. Costs 2 sap.
    • !dodge [player] decreases player's hit chance against you for 10 seconds. Costs 3 sap.
    • !taunt [player] decreases player's hit chance against targets other than you for 10 seconds. Costs 5 sap.
  • Weapon mastery increases damage by 5% per level (down from 10%).
  • Reduced attack slime cost to level^4 / 60 (down from level^4 / 24).
  • Added a separate !help topic for every weapon, explaining how it works.

Territory Control

  • Territories are now locked at 100% after being captured. They stay locked for a time depending on property class and the number of gangsters involved in the capture.
    • C class: 30 minutes
    • B class: 1 hour
    • A class: 2 hours
    • S class: 4 hours
    • Every gangster beyond the first increases these values by 30 minutes.
  • These timers are halted while the district is fully surrounded by friendly districts.
  • Increased movement speed modifier from territory control to 10s (up from 5s).
  • Added a 50% discount for shops in controlled districts for the controlling faction and a 4x penalty for the opposing faction.
  • Slimegain from fishing, farming and mining is doubled for the controlling faction.


  • Every time you reroll a mutation, the cost for the next reroll doubles. Resets on death.
  • When you !suicide, 10% of your slime is drained into the Sewers.

Patchnotes v3.420 - hehe, weed


  • Added smeltable seaweed joints, that apply a fishing buff when consumed.
  • Plebefish now give very low slime to discourage shitty bait.
  • Lowered the average amount of slime the captain will offer you for your fish.

Patchnotes v3.12

Double Halloween

  • Removed Double Halloween.
  • Double Halloween costumes can now only be adorned on a full moon.
  • An intense tremor has caved in certain parts of the city. Evacuations to Juvie's Row have been made.


  • Added Sherman back in.
  • Added in Slimy Persuits, a candy store in New New Yonkers.
  • Added in Bicarbonate enemies, which are more powerful, more vulnerable to attacks, and completely immune to Bicarbonate Rainstorms.
  • Nerfed Thicker Than Blood when hunting enemies. Now only gives out 75% of remaining slime (down from 100%), while the rest is sent to the district.
  • Nerfed !boo buffering (it's now only one response instead of two).
  • Added !mine reset back in for the minesweeper event.
  • Removed Herobrine.

Patchnotes v3.11hwx2


  • You can now put up advertisements in Green Light District.
  • To do so, use !advertise at SlimeCorp HQ. Ads may contain a maximum of 500 characters.
  • There are 8 ad spots at any given time. Putting up an advertisement for 1 week (4 weeks in-game) costs 1 million SlimeCoin.
  • A random advertisement is shown every time a player enters Green Light District, or uses the !look command there. You can view all ads at once using !ads.

Double Halloween

  • The Double Headless Double Horseman won't spawn again for 2 days after being defeated.
  • Bother Ethan about rewards if you manage to kill the Horseman.

Patchnotes v3.10hwx2

Double Halloween, Part II

  • Renamed !crushpoudrin to just !crush. You can now use it to crush candy.
  • Crushing candy gives Halloween Grist. Maybe you can use it to craft something?
  • The White Line is now operational, but requires a ticket to use, unless you're boarding from the new [???] subway station.
  • Added in [???] and [???]. Fight and kill them in [???] to earn the coveted [???].
  • Disclaimer: As a result of the chaos which will surely come at the defeat of [???], a cap of 1 million slime has, for the time being at least, been placed on how much slime a kingpin can gain from players killing each other.


  • Endless War now has a tutorial that new players need to clear before they are able to interact with the server proper.
  • Cost of milling brought down to 50,000 slime (from 75,000).
  • Sandbag health reduced to 1 billion slime (from 100 billion). It no longer gives weapon skill upon defeating it, however.
  • Removed Herobrine.
  • Added in Sourpuss Bread.
  • Removed Sherman.

Patchnotes v3.9hwx2 (by Ethan)

Double Halloween

  • Ghosts can move twice as fast, haunt up to 50,000 slime, and use !haunt every three minutes.
  • Make your own costume! Head to RP City in Little Chernobyl to grab a costume kit, and use !makecostume to use it.
  • Trick or Treat once you've got your costume on! You can trick or a treat a player in an apartment, or just use !trickortreat in a district to get candy from locals. Be careful though, you might get tricked! In fact, better candy is given out from higher class districts, but you're more likely to get tricked from those places.


  • Other command slike !hunger, !boo, !spook, and !endlesswar have been added. Try them out!
  • Game guides can now be read in any channel.
  • Fixed backfire error with sandbags.
  • Regular body spray has been renamed to 'Juvie Grade' body spray.
  • FUCK Energy drinks now have 'Drink' added to the end of their name.

Patchnotes v3.9a (by stotle)

Slime's End Cliffs

  • Added the Slime's End Cliffs, a new pvp-enabled subzone in Slime's End.
  • !toss: Throw an item off the cliff. Thrown items will either sink into the sea or get eaten by sea monsters. These creatures kick up slime when they chow down, so make sure to !scavenge it.
  • !jump: A form of suicide. All of your items will be discarded as though they were !tossed. However, adorned and equipped weapons should not delete. You'll leave a portion of your slime on the cliff when the krakens consume you.
  • !push: Like !jump but for other players. Players can't be !pushed if they have the "Fat Chace" or "Big Bones" mutation. However, having "Light as a Feather" overrides both of these and makes you vulnerable to pushing.
  • !bully is an alias for !push. !push and !bully also have a dual function outside of the Cliffs.