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Patchnotes v3.7b


  • You can now !recycle your trash at the SlimeCorp Recycling Plant in Smogsburg.

Community Chests

  • You can now !stow and !snag items in public chests within Cop Killtown, the Rowdy Roughhouse, Juvie's Row and the Sewers.
  • Check the contents of a chest using !chest.


  • Use !inv stack to display your inventory with all identical items stacked.
  • Use !transportmap to view a map of all the NLACakaNM subway lines.
  • You can now purchase a game guide at the colleges.

Patchnotes v3.7a


  • You can now display your fish in an !aquarium inside your apartment. Retrieve the fish with !releasefish.
  • You can now put arbitrary items on a !propstand inside your apartment. Retrieve the item with !unstand.


  • The cooldowns for various actions are now displayed, when you attempt to perform them prematurely. You can also check your !fursuit for the next full moon.
  • Slimeoid incapacitation after losing in battle has been lowered from 15 minutes to 5 minutes.

Patchnotes v3.7


  • Players may now own (or rather, rent) real estate. !consult at the SlimeCorp Real Estate Agency to find, which neighborhood is right for you.
  • Players access apartments by going to their leased apartment zone and using !retire.
  • Your apartment allows you to !stow items and slimeoids. You may !upgrade your lease to acquire more storage space.
  • Put food items into your !fridge to pause their rotting.
  • You can also decorate your apartment with new furniture items.
  • You can visit other players' apartments by !knocking on their door.

PvP Overhaul

  • !enlist from anywhere again.
  • !renounce now costs half of your slime.
  • You don't lose all of your items on death anymore, instead:
    • Lose all of your unequipped weapons.
    • Lose some of your food, some of your unadorned cosmetics. (half for gangsters, a quarter for juvies)
    • Reduce weaponskill to a minimum of 6 (up from 3).
    • Lose none of your adorned cosmetics and your equipped weapon, they are merely unequipped.
  • The cops are cracking down on Juvie violence. Attacking an unenlisted Juvenile now makes you Wanted for an hour plus your bounty in seconds.
  • Upon becoming Wanted your information is posted in the enemy's gangbase.
  • Being Wanted incurs a number of penalties:
    • You cannot enter sub-zones.
    • Your movement speed is reduced to half the standard and you cannot teleport.
    • You drop 100% of your SlimeCoin on death.
    • You cannot suicide and your teammates cannot kill you.
    • You drop all of your items on death.
    • You lose all of your weaponskills on death.


  • Removed passive hunger.
  • Reduced sparring cooldown and hunger cost.
  • Enlisting for the first time in a new gang now requires an active member of that gang to !vouch for you.
  • You can now !bottleslimeoid to put your active slimeoid in your inventory, allowing you to switch between multiple active slimeoids and trade them.

Patchnotes v3.6


  • NPC enemies spawn in the outskirts. They attack every five seconds or so, and drop items when they die, including some new items.
  • Raid bosses also spawn in the outskirts, but are more powerful than normal enemies, drop more items and can travel into the city.
  • The outskirts are a set of 16 new districts that match up with their corresponding district adjacent to the edge of the city.
  • A maximum of 5 enemies can exist in an outskirt district, before more stop spawning there.

Combat Rework

  • All the weapons work differently from how they used to and a bunch of new weapons have been added.
  • Some weapons utilize an ammo system, which requires you to !reload periodically.
  • Some weapons have a soft cooldown between hits, which rewards taking time between shots.
  • Some weapons are single-use and require you to keep buying more of them.
  • Some weapons have an AoE-Effect, hitting all juveniles in a district.
  • Some weapons inflict Status Effects.

Status Effects

  • The effects of coleslaw no longer last until death.
  • Added new status effects such as burning, stunned and strangled.

Ghost Rework

  • Ghosts can !haunt anyone, who is outside of a gangbase. In person haunting now works the same as Sewer haunting. Haunting yields are no longer limited by the ghost's current negative slime count.
  • Summoning Negaslimeoids no longer consumes slime, but the summoning level is limited by the ghost's negative slime amount.
  • Ghosts require -100,000 negative slime to leave the Sewers.
  • Attacking a ghost no longer decreases their negative slime count. They are merely sent back to the Sewers.
  • Ghosts can no longer !scout.
  • Newly dead corpses start out with 0 slime.


  • Mining yields have been doubled.
  • Entrance to the SlimeCorp Slimeoid Laboratory is restricted until further notice.

Patchnotes v3.5e


  • Added a bunch more flavor text.
  • Added a new smeltable weapon: the bass guitar.


  • Simplified the new mining system visually. New key:
    • "~": a lot of slime
    • ";": some slime
    • " ": no slime
    • "X": no slime, a lot of damage

Mutations Rebalance

  • Dumpster Diver item scavenge bonus increased to 10x, up from 2x.
  • White nationalist now additionally makes you scavenge more while its snowing.
  • Fungal Feaster now restores all of your hunger, up from half.
  • Three's A Shroud and Aposematic Stench now make you unsniffable.
  • Dressed to Kill bonus damage increased to 1.5x, up from 1.2x.
  • Organic fursuit additionally grants 10x damage reduction when it's active.
  • Lone Wolf additionally grants 1.5x damage while alone.
  • Fat Chance works from 50% hunger upwards, down from 75%.
  • Social Animal damage buff increased to 1.1x, up from 1.05x.
  • Quantum Legs cooldown increased to 3 hours, up from 30 minutes.
  • Fast Metabolism speed buff decreased to 1.33x, down from 2x.
  • Fast Metabolism only works from 40% hunger down, down from 50%.
  • Chameleon Skin can now be sniffed.

Patchnotes v3.5d


  • You can now !embiggen your fish at the SlimeCrop Laboratory for a number of poudrins depending on its current size.


  • Replaced Minesweeper with a new grid-based mining system. Every tile on the grid has a certain amount of slime in it. Every time you mine a tile, you get some of its slime, as well as slime from all 8 adjacent tiles. When a tile is empty, it doesn't yield any more slime. If you mine an empty tile too many times, you'll get into a mining accident. Key for the grid:
    • "&": tons of slime
    • "S": loads of slime
    • "~": a lot of slime
    • ";": some slime
    • ",": a little slime
    • "-": no slime
    • "+": no slime, some damage
    • "X": no slime, a lot of damage
  • Slime gain from mining no longer scales with slimelevel.


  • Reduced default slime gain from farming to 100,000.
  • The default slime gain from farming a poudrin is 200,000.
  • Reduced the default poudrin chance on reap to 1 in 30.
  • You can now !sow your vegetables to grow more of them. You can also !sow poudrins (now including slimeoid hearts), as before, for a random crop.
  • You can now cultivate your crops. Use !checkfarm to see if your plant needs anything and use the new cultivation commands !irrigate, !fertilize, !pesticide and !weed. If you care well for your crop, the slime you gain from reaping it will be increased by a maximum of 200,000.

Patchnotes v3.5b


  • You can now dye your cosmetics, using !dyecosmetic.
  • You can now coordinate your outfit with your slimeoid, using !dressslimeoid.


  • The bazaar in Smogsburg now has a different set of items for sale every day.
  • @everyone is banned again.

Patchnotes v3.5a


  • Added Minesweeper mining. Specify a coordinate in your !mine command to mine on the minesweeper board.
  • Slimegain and poudrin chance increase as you clear more of the board. However, if you hit a mine, you will lose slime.
  • Reset the minesweeper board using !mine reset.
  • Flag mines using !flag or !mine flag.

Patchnotes v3.5


  • !smelt has been reworked to allow crafting specific recipes. The old random cosmetic smelting is available through "!smelt cosmetic"
  • A bunch of new smelting recipes have been added.


  • Ghosts can once again move across the whole city, but at half speed.
  • Ghosts now need to !manifest at their place of death to leave the sewers.
  • When you summon a Negaslimeoid you now specify its name, rather than the amount of negative slime to spend on it.


  • You now pay for food and other items with slime rather than slimecoin.
  • All orders are now togo.
  • The bazaar is now operational. You can buy a number of items there.