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Patchnotes v3.20noslimernalia


  • Killed slimernalia.
  • Slashed capping costs by a factor of 10.
  • !harvest is no longer a command.

Patchnotes v3.20yoslimernalia


  • Completely overhauled slimeoid combat. Slimeoids now use their own sap system.
    • Slimeoids have a sap pool equal to their level * 2.
    • Slimeoids invest sap in actions. The more sap they invest, the more likely they are to succeed.
  • Added slimeoid candies sold at Glocksbury Comics and Slimy Persuits, which allow players to change their slimeoids' stats.

Patchnotes v3.19b-yoslimernalia


  • Users that don't allow DMs can no longer check their !inventory.
  • Sandbags show the correct slime spent and don't trigger PvP anymore.
  • !frame works again.
  • Added the Nuclear Beach next to Assault Flats Beach. Only prehistoric enemies spawn there.
  • Increased movement time between outskirts and between outskirts and the city.
  • Added !trash to destroy food items from anywhere.

Patchnotes v3.19a-yoslimernalia


  • Zines can now be written entirely in DMs.
  • !reading will only work in DMs.
  • You can !shelve [zine] and !unshelve [zine] in your apartment's bookshelf.
  • You can !setpages [5-20] for your manuscript.
  • You can !takedown [Zine ID] if you no longer want your own zine to be in circulation. Use !untakedown [Zine ID] to reverse this. Admins can !copyrightstrike [Zine ID] any zine if it's plagiarized.

Patchnotes v3.19yoslimernalia


  • Start a manuscript by using !beginmanuscript at the Cafe, either University or the Comics shop.
  • !publish your manuscript into a purchasable zine.
  • !browse for zines at the Cafe, Universites or Comics shop.
  • Once you've found a zine that interests you, use !orderzine to buy it for 10k slime.
  • After absorbing the zine's content, it is your moral obligation to !review it with a score from 1 to 5 fucks.


  • Increased festivity from Sigillaria to 1k each (up from 100 each).
  • Added more types of wrapping paper, as well as the wrapping paper hat.
  • Increased the cost of wrapping paper to 1k each (up from 500 each).


  • Juvies can now !dance.
  • Added in juice boxes.
  • Made slight adjustemnt to !negaslime, added !negapool for clarity.

Patchnotes v3.17

Map Rework

  • Removed subzones. Now instead of having to walk in and out of separate subzones, simply walk to the subzones' mother district to fully interact with that subzone's channel, suing commands while reading and sending messages. Now every district acts as its own separate Season 1.
  • Removed the pier in Vagrant's Corner, added a pier into Juvie's Row. Now if you want to mine/fish/farm you can do it all in Juvie's Row.
  • Consolidated the Outskirts into more more manageable chunks.
    • The Outskirts of Wreckington, Cratersville and Ooze Gardens have been consolidated into the Southern Outskirts.
    • The Outskirts of South Sleezeborough, Crookline and Dreadford have been consolidated into the Southwestern Outskirts.
    • The Outskirts of Jaywalker Plain, West Glocksbury and Polonium Hill have been consolidated into the Western Outskirts.
    • The Outskirts of Charcoal Park, Toxington and Astatine Heights have been consolidated into the Northwestern Outskirts.
    • The Outskirts of Arsonbrook, Brawlden and New New Yonkers have been consolidated into the Northern Outskirts.


  • Reduced slimegain from mining, fishing and farming in Juvie's Row by 75%.

Patchnotes v3.16

PvP Flags

  • PvP flags are back! Players are no longer able to attack each other, unless they are flagged for PvP.
  • Various actions cause you to become flagged for PvP for varying lengths of time:
    • !kill: 10 minutes (30 if you actually kill a player)
    • !annex: 10 minutes
    • !mine: 1 minute
    • !scavenge: 3 minutes
    • !reel: 5 minutes
    • !reap: 10 minutes
    • !spar: 5 minutes
    • !enlist: 5 minutes
    • !dodge/!aim/!taunt: 10 minutes
    • !haunt: 10 minutes
    • !piss: 10 minutes

Territory Control

  • New alias for !annex: !spray.
  • Annex costs have been increased:
    • C class: 1 mega (up from 100k)
    • B class: 2 mega (up from 200k)
    • A class: 3 mega (up from 500k)
    • S class: 5 mega (up from 1 mega)
  • You can now !annex districts partially. Specify how much slime you want to spend and you'll get a matching portion of progress in your district.
  • Territory lock times have been increased:
    • C class: 6 hours (up from 1 hour)
    • B class: 12 hours (up from 2 hours)
    • A class: 24 hours (up from 4 hours)
    • S class: 48 hours (up from 8 hours)
  • It is no longer possible to capture territory just by standing in it.

Patchnotes v3.15


  • Fishing and mining have increased poudrin gains.
  • Enemies now attack slower (5 seconds per attack, up from 3).
  • The dojo master will tell you how much attacks cost when hitting sandbags.
  • SlimeCoin gains from recycling have been buffed. (max possible gain is now 100k, up from 10k).
  • !look and !survey now provide more visual clarity when showing enemies in a district.
  • Minimum slime required to cap is now 200k (up from 50k).
  • Using !tp when it is not ready for use will now let you know how long you have to wait, in minutes.
  • Propstanding has now been made exclusive to apartments. To unstand an item, you must visit The Bazaar. The same principle applies to aquariums.
  • You can use !piss on someone to spend 1 liquid sap and crush 3 of their hardened sap.
  • When you !piss, there's a 1% chance of hitting your slimeoid and dying it yellow.
  • Soft cooldown on scavenging has been cut in half (15 seconds, down from 30).
  • Added in !crunch as an alias for !crush.
  • Added in the Bicarbonate soda fountain. Use it to !purify yourself, which lowers your slime down to 0, level down to 1. It cuts your current weaponskill by 25% however.
  • Members of Terezi Gang can now spend 1 slimecoin with !fl1pco1n.
  • You can now !pray at the base of ENDLESS WAR.

Patchnotes v3.14


  • Added the Green Cake Cafe in Little Chernobyl, which serves foods and drinks.


  • Mutations text is now displayed using the command !mutations, and not in !data anymore.
  • !harvest is and has always been a command.