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Patchnotes v3.5b


  • You can now dye your cosmetics, using !dyecosmetic.
  • You can now coordinate your outfit with your slimeoid, using !dressslimeoid.


  • The bazaar in Smogsburg now has a different set of items for sale every day.
  • @everyone is banned again.

Patchnotes v3.5a


  • Added Minesweeper mining. Specify a coordinate in your !mine command to mine on the minesweeper board.
  • Slimegain and poudrin chance increase as you clear more of the board. However, if you hit a mine, you will lose slime.
  • Reset the minesweeper board using !mine reset.
  • Flag mines using !flag or !mine flag.

Patchnotes v3.5


  • !smelt has been reworked to allow crafting specific recipes. The old random cosmetic smelting is available through "!smelt cosmetic"
  • A bunch of new smelting recipes have been added.


  • Ghosts can once again move across the whole city, but at half speed.
  • Ghosts now need to !manifest at their place of death to leave the sewers.
  • When you summon a Negaslimeoid you now specify its name, rather than the amount of negative slime to spend on it.


  • You now pay for food and other items with slime rather than slimecoin.
  • All orders are now togo.
  • The bazaar is now operational. You can buy a number of items there.

Patchnotes v3.4a


  • When a slimeoid dies, it will leave behind a slimeoid heart.
  • You can !restoreslimeoid at the Slimeoid Laboratory to bring your slimeoid back to life for 1/5 of its original slime cost, if you bring its slimeoid heart.
  • Negaslimeoids drop twice as much slime when they die.
  • Negaslimeoid locations are announced in the gang bases, whenever they move.

Patchnotes v3.4


  • Mutations are special abilities players will automatically unlock every 5 levels.
  • You can !rerollmutation at the Slimeoid Laboratory to reroll your most recent mutation.
  • You can !sterilizemutations at the Slimeoid Laboratory to get rid of all your mutations.
  • You can !donate poudrins at the Slimeoid Laboratory.

Patchnotes v3.3b


  • More topics have been added to the !help command.
  • SlimeCorp is sponsoring a new leaderboard, honoring their loyalest consumers.
  • Changed the banishment system so Kingpins can only !banish players from enlisting in their own gang.
  • Reduced Negaslimeoid health to be equal to normal Slimeoids.

Patchnotes v3.3a


  • Players who are outside of a gangbase (i.e. Rowdy Roughhouse, Cop Killtown, Juvie's Row and the Sewers) now show up with a differently colored name in the sidebar.
  • Ghosts can add a message to their victim, when they !haunt.
  • A bunch of bug fixes


Farming Update

  • You can now !mill vegetables you receive from farming into various useful items.
  • Farming slime yields have been increased.

Slimeoid Dyes

  • You can now give your slimeoid a new coat of paint. Literally. !saturateslimeoid with a dye. I wonder where you could get one of those.
  • Slimeoid colors affect your slimeoid's strengths and weaknesses in combat. Your slimeoid's attacks are strong against split complementary colors and weak against analogous colors.

Ghost Rework

  • !haunt only does 1/10 of the damage it used to.
  • Ghosts can only move within a small radius around the place they died.
  • Any successful hit against a ghost will bust them.
  • A busted ghost loses 10% of their anti-slime and is sent back to the Sewers and can't leave until they !haunt again.
  • !negaslime is back.
  • Ghosts can now !summon Negaslimeoids in the city.


  • Negaslimeoids roam the streets, decapping territory and haunting players in their district. They will show up in your !look command.
  • Normal slimeoids can battle negaslimeoids with !battlenegaslimeoid. Fights against Negaslimeoids are to the death!

Gang affiliation

  • !enlist requires you to have 50k slime and is only possible in your gangbase.
  • You can now !renounce your gang affiliation at your gangbase, returning to the life of a simple juvenile.
  • Kingpins can now !banish players from enlisting.


  • When a stock falls below a 1:1 rate, the majority shareholder will be held responsible and lose 90% of their shares.
  • A majority of the slime, a juvenile drops on death, flows into the Sewers and explodes into the city on the next !revive

Patchnotes v3.2help (by Ethan)

College Update

  • Players may now do !help at N.L.A.C.U. or Neo Milwaukee State to learn more about game mechanics.
  • Additionally, players may also do !help to learn more about the sub zone they're currently in.

Patchnotes v3.2

Weapons and Items

  • Item scavenging is here. On death your killer gets all of your adorned cosmetics and your currently equipped weapon, but the rest of your items are scattered into the zone. Anyone using !scavenge in that area has a chance to find these items.
  • It's now possible to !give your weapons to other players, just like normal items.
  • Juvies can now purchase weapons at the Dojo, though they still can't !equip them.
  • Weapon names are unique now. Get yours before someone else steals it!


  • The kick-out timer has been shortened to 1 hour, but posting in the server resets it again.
  • The bleeding system has been slightly changed. You don't take the full damage of attacks up front, but it's now possible to bleed to death.
  • Fixed a bug, that allowed players to complete their movement after dying.
  • Fixed a bug, that prevented players from gaining weapon skill.