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ENDLESS WAR is a text-based MMORPG playable entirely within this Discord server using bot commands.

You start off a lowly Juvenile, toiling on the streets to eke out a pitiful existence. The only way to get ahead in this world is to get your hands dirty, or more accurately, sticky. Your main objective in this game is to accrue slime, for numerous obvious and practical benefits. Use the !slime command at any time to check your current amount of slime. When you first start out, you should have 0 slime or something close to it. Let’s fix that.

But, before you start the hustle, let’s find where you are on the map. Use the !look command in any location to receive a detailed description of your current surroundings. To view the entire map, use the !map command to be redirected to the map page, where you can learn the names and location of the 29 districts of the city. You can move between districts using the !goto command followed by the name or abbreviation of the district you want to move to. When you first join the server, you should be in Downtown*. There’s numerous sub-zones in this district, offering sanctuary from the constant gang violence of the outside streets. Traveling between districts takes 60 seconds, but traveling in and out of sub-zones only takes 5 seconds. So, be sure to make use of this valuable safety net when things get too hot to handle, which is always. Now that you’ve gotten used to moving around, let’s get you some slime.

*If your name is black, and the game isn’t acting properly, type !data and your name should turn green. Now the game should work.

There are currently two major ways to accrue slime as a Juvenile. You can mine, or you can farm.

To mine, you’ll want to walk to one of several mining shaft entrances, located in Juvie’s Row, Toxington, and Cratersville. Once there, use the ‘!mine’ command to accumulate slime with every thwack of your pickaxe. You’ll want to use this command a lot, if you want any chance to make it big in this city. Mining is grueling work, so check your hunger using the ‘!data’ every so often. If your hunger reaches 100%, every time you use the ‘!mine’ afterward you have a chance to keel over and die in a mining accident.

When you die, you’ll become a lifeless corpse and wash up in the depths of the city’s sewer system and you’ll have to use the !revive command to come back to life. You lose all your accrued slime when you die, so it’s a big deal. Don’t get careless or greedy, check your hunger and slime regularly.

While mining, you might find a slime poudrin or two. These are remarkably useful nuggets of raw, unfiltered slime. You’ll want a lot of them. If you get tired of mining and have a few of these slime poudrins, you might want to consider farming.

To farm, you’ll want to walk to one of few patches of fertile soil left in the city, located in Juvie’s Row, Arsonbrook, and Ooze Gardens. Once there, use the !sow command to plant one of your poudrins into the ground. You can only plant one poudrin in each of the farms, up to a total 3. After they are planted, come back in 12 hours and your poudrin will have grown into delicious, albeit polluted an irradiated, produce. Remember to tend to your farms, if you let them lay fallow for 24 hours after your crops have reached maturity then they will wither and die. Use the !reap command after the crops have grown to collect a large quantity of slime.

You level up whenever you pass a certain slime amounts, for instance you’ll reach level 10 when you accrue 10,000 total slime and you’ll reach level 20 when you accrue 160,000 total slime. The higher your level, the more slime you’ll mine and farm. So, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and you couldn’t be happier about it.

To refill your empty stomach, you’ll need to eat some food. Restaurants are located all over the map, and are never too far from you at any given time. From the expensive, fine dining seafood restaurant in Astatine Heights, to the cheap, run-down breakfast diner in Wreckington, to the painfully average fast food in Krak Bay, you’re always able to get a quick bite to eat. You can even wet your whistle at the speakeasy in Vagrant’s Corner. When you’re at any of these restaurants, use the !menu command to see what items you can buy. When you’ve decided, use the !order command followed by the food’s name to order it. If you’re in a rush, add togo after the food’s name to order it togo. This will add the item to your inventory, making it eligible to be eaten anytime in the next 12 hours before it turns bad. You can check your inventory by using the !inv command and eat using the !use command followed by the item’s name. Keep in mind the prices are doubled for ordering out, so save up your SlimeCoin if you want to lead a busy lifestyle. Huh, you don’t know what SlimeCoin is? Jeez, how behind the times can you be?

SlimeCoin is a cryptocurrency that modern juveniles across the city use for everyday currency. Manufactured in the SlimeCorp HQ, you’ll have to use the !donate command there followed by the amount of slime you want to turn into SlimeCoin. The rate is 100:1, so make sure you’ve got more than enough slime. As previously mentioned, you can use SlimeCoin to buy food and drinks, as well as gamble at the slime casino in the Green Light District.

By now, you’ve probably been killed at least once. If you haven’t yet, you will soon. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Pretty frequently, actually. You’ll get used to it. While being brutally murdered, you may have noticed your murderer’s name was a different color and they were using a command I haven’t taught you yet, the !kill command. As a Juvenile, you weak will and general cowardice prohibits such acts of violence. You’ll need to enlist in one of the city’s gangs and pledge yourself to their Kingpins. There are two gangs you can join in ENDLESS WAR.

The hot blooded, reckless ROWDYS led by the ROWDY FUCKER, @Munchy
You can use !enlist rowdys to give up everything for the Rowdy Fucker.

The hardboiled, calculated KILLERS led by the COP KILLER, @Ben Saint
You can use !enlist killers to sell your soul to the Cop Killer.

Now, the game can really begin.

Should you choose to not enlist in any gang, you can stay a Juvenile forever and live out your life in weak, spineless obscurity. Additionally, when you enlist in a gang you are no longer able to farm and your ability to mine is greatly restricted. Rowdys and Killers can only mine in the day and at night respectively, so use the !time command to check when you can mine next. But, what you lose in tedious repetition, you gain in comradery and action-packed gameplay.

When you meet a rival gangster in combat, it’s a mad, bloody scramble to see who can kill who first. In gang violence, your slime acts as your health and ammo. You can use the !kill command followed by a mention of your target to damage them. The amount of slime you expend per attack and the amount of damage you deal is dependent on your level. Meaning, the higher level you are the more damage your attacks deal but it’s also more costly to perform said attacks. So, make sure you’re only targeting people of roughly equivalent or higher slime to you to make the investment pay off. You are killed if you lose all of your slime, and must use !revive command to start all over again. If you kill someone else, you gain half of their total slime and the other half goes to your Kingpin.

The Kingpin’s slime amounts are displayed proudly on the leaderboard every 6 hours, with the overall objective of the game being to raise your Kingpin’s slime above your rival gangster’s Kingpin. No team can ever truly triumph over the other, it fluctuates based on your own choices and the actions of your ally gang members.

You might notice your ally gang members are doing much more damage than you are, even at equivalent levels, and this is probably because you have not equipped a proper weapon. To get one, travel to the dojo in South Sleezeborough. There, use the !equip command to see a list of the available weapons. Then, use the !equip command again followed by the name of the weapon you want to use to equip it. You can use the !spar command followed by a mention of an ally gang member also in the dojo who is using the same weapon as you. Your weapon master rank will level up after a few spars, however you can only spar every 10 minutes so pace yourself. If you have extra slime poudrins, you can also use the !anoint command followed by a nickname for your weapon to raise it’s weapon mastery rank if you’re impatient.

And… that’s about it! ENDLESS WAR has many, many more features but this is all you need to know to get started. If you have any more questions, need advice, or want to complain about a free-to-play video game, take up refugee in the #nurses office. The ENDLESS WAR community is among the most helpful, creative, and badass communities out there. They’ll set you straight.

ENDLESS WAR is developed by @krak, @BenSaint, @dwoobo, @Lateralyst, @beefriend, and @Munchy.