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Outdated Information

The information in this guide is outdated, and largely does not apply to v2.

Command Reference

This is the most stuff you'll need to know to play the game. Read it all.

General Information



Show how much slime a player currently has. If you don't mention anybody, this shows your own slime score.



General information about the level, equipment, and appearance of a player. If you don't mention anybody, this shows your own data and hunger.


The dead are gathering negative slime in hopes of creating the negaslime. This command allows you to track their progress.

Juvenile-only Commands


Juveniles use this command to mine for slime. This is where your first slime will come from. Mining causes hunger, and you will eventually need to eat or drink.

  • Used only in #the-mines.
  • Awards 20 slime.
  • Flags you for PvP combat for 3 minutes.


Join the Rowdy Fuckers or the Cop Killers. You need at least 420 slime to enlist in a faction, but the slime is not consumed by enlisting.

Combat and Training

Engage in gang warfare with these commands. You must be enlisted in either the Rowdys or the Killers.



Shoot the mentioned player, dealing damage based on your slime level and potentially killing them. Alternatively, you may type !kill.

  • Used only in the #combat-zone.
  • 5 second cooldown.
  • Causes hunger.
  • Flags you for PvP combat for 10 minutes.



Equip a weapon to use against your foes. If you don't specify a weapon (or your weapon name isn't recognized) you'll be presented with a list of options.

Weapons modify your damage, and each weapon has its own special effect. If your weapon mastery level is low, you are more likely to miss and deal less damage.

  • Used only in #the-dojo.



Annoint your currently equipped weapon with a permanent name.

  • Costs 100 slime and 1 slime poudrin.
  • Names must be 32 characters or less.
  • Names may include spaces.



Practice fighting with the targeted player of your faction. The weaker player gains slime.

If you spar with a player who has the same weapon equipped, you both gain bonus slime, and increase your weapon mastery by one point if your mastery is below level 5.

  • Used only in #the-dojo.
  • 10 minute cooldown.
  • Causes hunger.
  • Flags you for PvP combat for 10 minutes.


Voluntarily return to the slime. A portion of your slime is granted to your leader, and the rest is permanently lost.

  • Used only in the #combat-zone.

Corpse Commands

Death is not final. These special commands are available to dead players.



Haunt a living player from beyond the grave, costing them slime.

  • Used only when dead.
  • 10 minute cooldown.


Bring yourself back from the dead.

  • Used only in #the-sewers.
  • Consumes 10% of your SlimeCoin.

The Slime Market

ENDLESS WAR features a constantly evolving slimeconomy. You can invest your slime in the volatile SlimeCoin to build wealth.


See the current time of day and weather (alternatives !clock and !weather). The Slime Exchange is only open between 6am and 6pm!


See the current exchange rate of slimes per SlimeCoin. For convenience, this is expressed as slime per thousand SlimeCoin.

You can see historical data on the market page.



Invest some slime in the market! You exchange slime for SlimeCoin at the current exchange rate, plus a 5% brokerage fee.

  • 20 minute cooldown shared with !withdraw and !transfer.
  • Used only in #slime-stock-exchange.



Cash in your SlimeCoin for cold, wet slime!

  • 20 minute cooldown shared with !invest and !transfer.
  • Flags you for PvP combat for 3 minutes.
  • Used only in #slime-stock-exchange.


# @username

Transfer # SlimeCoin to @username. Your slimebroker takes a 5% fee.

  • 20 minute cooldown shared with !invest and !withdraw.
  • Used only in #slime-stock-exchange.


View your current SlimeCoin balance, and its value in slime if it were withdrawn from the market.

The Slime Casino

The casino is only open at night (between 6pm and 6am).


Play the slime slot machine! If all three tumblers match, you win big! Different symbols have different payouts. Any combination of three fast food symbols refunds your SlimeCoin.

  • Costs 100 SlimeCoin.



Toss the dice! Wager your SlimeCoin and win big if your throw 7.


Drop some balls in the slime pachinko machine! Each play is ten chances to win 250 SlimeCoin.

  • Costs 500 SlimeCoin.

The Food Court


View a list of all the vendors and what foods and drinks they sell.

  • Used only in the #food-court.


foodname @username

Order something from the food court and eat it! Every food is different, with varying prices and hunger-defeating powers.

Optionally mention a player to buy food for them instead of yourself.

  • Food is paid for with SlimeCoin.
  • Used only in the #food-court.